About the Artist Stephen Spinas | Cape Town, South Africa Born and raised in Cape Town, Stephen currently works as a freelance illustrator/artist and creative streamer on twitch. (www.twitch.tv/artofscs). 
Stephen originally dreamed of a job in Animation, However after working on the production of Caillou as a background artist, he realized that the animation game just wasn't for him. Many years later he began an apprenticeship  to become a tattoo artist with Kenneth Van Esch and Duncan Letts of (now) Needles and Pins Tattoos, Where he developed new skills and abilities under the watchful eye of his two skilled teachers. After two years of an apprenticeship Stephen was offered a position at Witchdoctor Productions where he would later become the Creative Director, Illustrating and designing for International heavy Metal Artists such as; Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Ministry, The Darkest Hour as well as numerous other tours, including: Witchfest 2015 - 2017. 
Present day, Stephen has decided to spread his wings and after his first taste of Conventions at Fancon 2017 in Cape Town he was hooked. Join in on the Journey that is Stephen's Artistic career and follow on Social media and tune in on Twitch for live artwork.